Lisa Neal Gualtieri

Big Changes at eLearn Magazine

What’s new and different at eLearn Magazine? I am very excited to announce that we have a new site. Not only is it more modern and attractive, we believe, but it provides many new features including article tags, the ability […]

The Efficacy of Online Instruction

Kevin Kvalvik, a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, posted responses to a question seeking recent findings on the efficacy of online instruction from student and faculty points of view. There are┬áseven sites mentioned, including articles from eLearn […]

What Were eLearn Magazine Readers Reading in 2010?

It is always fascinating to see what our readers read and the end of year is a particularly good time to observe and reflect. Homepage Best Practices Stephen Downes’ ever-popular E-learning 2.0 Research and Case Studies Tutorials (This category no […]

What Does Michelle Everson Learn from her Online Students and other Insights

Michelle Everson joined eLearn Magazine as a monthly columnist after writing some of our most popular articles. Her first column is Why Should Educators Blog? She joins our regular columnists Roger Schank and Bob Little as well as those who […]

Crowdsource an Answer and Help Out a Colleague

Do you have advice or suggestions for Dave M, who wrote: We have been asked to develop 8 week online courses, but my faculty are concerned that the 8 weeks limits the course too much (and that science and math […]