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Learning Workplace Survival Skills

While “workplace survival” conjures up images of moose hunting in Alaska (sorry, I’ve listened to too much election coverage), in fact, many of the skills that are needed to succeed in the workplace are never taught. I thought about this […]

What Employees Really Do Online Revisited

“Workers are increasingly using the Internet to do, well, whatever they want,” was a key finding from a study reported in today’s Wall Street Journal. Accessing video is one of the most common online activities of employees, not surprisingly. While […]

Predictors of Success: Toward Accurate Screening that Can’t Be Gamed

I ate dinner tonight at an amazing restaurant in Koreatown in New York that has a city-block long buffet. The price for dinner was based on height, with one price for those over 4 1/2 feet and lower ones for […]

Is e-learning “Bad” Education?

The Dutch Education Minister, Ronald Plasterk, wrote in a letter to Parliament that the wearing of face-covering clothing was incompatible with the education process because of the importance of non-verbal communication” and that the ban should extend to students, teachers, […]

Crash Course on Sarah Palin

Yesterday’s Boston Globe reported that “the American electorate is taking a crash course in Sarah Palin,” John McCain’s running mate. Much of this, no surprise, is being conducted on the Internet. Websites, blogs, tweets—everyone seems to have something to say […]