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“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” – Warm-Up Exercises for Online Courses

I simply must go – Baby, it’s cold outside The answer is no – Ooh baby, it’s cold outside This welcome has been – I’m lucky that you dropped in So nice and warm — Look out the window at […]

Teaching Tips

David Pogue wrote a New York Time’s column with technology tips. Many of the tips I know, such as use the tab key to go to the next box when filling out a form, but I found some new ones, […]

Pick Your Favorite Online Instructor for a Course on the 2008 Election

I intended to write a post addressed to the new president informing him, not that he asked, about what he should do to promote quality online education. But, after seeing a few letters in similar veins, I am attempting to […]

Pomp and Circumstance: The Value of Ceremony for Graduations

Suppose you complete a degree at accredited online institution, which would make you feel more like a graduate: 1) If you marched across a stage, shook the hands of dignitaries, and were handed a diploma? 2) If you get your […]