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Engendering Industrial Participation in e-Learning: A Summary from the 7th European Conference on e-Learning

A client recently asked for advice about e-learning conferences to attend. As I thought about which to recommend, I was struck by the abundance of conferences and how each seems to have a different orientation. I like to keep up […]

Letters to Lisa

Miss Manners and Ann Landers have long been my favorite syndicated advice columnists. I was a tutor at Miss Manners’ son’s Harvard house and met her at his graduation. She wore a hat and gloves and was charming when I, […]

Ten Most Read Articles in eLearn Magazine in 2008

Don’t laugh, but I heard the list of the top ten television personalities for 2008 on the radio and found myself listening with bated breath – and I don’t even watch television! When I received eLearn Magazine’s stats for 2008, […]