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Can the Best of Informal Learning Simultaneously Be the Worst Thing for Cognitive Processes?

It struck me recently that mobile learning (or m-learning) is no longer a discipline within e-learning because of the ubiquity, enhanced screen size, and improved display quality of mobile devices. Remember when it was worthy of a press release when […]

Professionals Use Searches to Locate Graduate Programs

Not only has technology “dramatically changed the way students experience university life,” according to The Guardian, it has impacted how they learn about schools. College selection has progressed far beyond browsing college catalogs in the library, although the many online […]

Help Improve eLearn Magazine: Tell Me What You Like and Don’t Like About Us

Each episode of Nip/Tuck starts off with, “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.” In the award-winning show,Nip/Tuck, every client has an answer for the plastic surgeons. At eLearn Magazine, we love to hear what you don’t like about […]

Transforming Education in the US: Advice for President Obama

I went to a well-attended event in Boston, The Transforming Healthcare Summit 2009: Impact & Opportunity in the Obama Plan, with an illustrious panel who completely blew the most interesting question they were asked: If you were the new US […]