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An Annoyance, An Investment, or An Assistant

I recently had a teaching assistant who I had not worked with previously. I knew she wasn’t going to be an annoyance, but I wasn’t sure from the outset if I would have to invest time in working with her […]

Synchronizing learning and life: push or pull?

Lisa Gualtieri and Bob Little wrote the following, inspired, in part, by the personalized advertising Tom Cruise’s character received in Minority Report. Imagine driving down the highway listening to tips on presenting to help you prepare for a talk you’re […]

RosettaStone Launches Totale

Last week a rep from RosettaStone showed me a demo of the company's newest product called Totale, which officially launches today. If you've ever used RosettaStone (or stopped at one of their kiosks in a shopping mall for a product […]

Why Would a Nurse Get a PhD and Does the Degree-Granting Institution Matter?

I receive many press releases and often skim them to learn about new initiatives. I tend to ignore the ones about staffing changes within companies; I also rarely read the quotes that I always suspect are written by marketing but […]

Instructional Radio in Africa Uses Stories to Promote Engagement

“Distance education” is not always online. Despite the pervasiveness of Internet access, online is not the only solution and is not the way to reach everyone. Cuba, I have heard, has extensive instructional television programming. And over 33 million people […]