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The Next Ten Years: Developing Technological Literacy Skills to Participate Fully in the Modern World

Every year I ask people what they predict for e-learning in the coming year. Recently I asked Johann Ari Larusson, a doctoral candidate in the Computer Science Department at Brandeis University, what he expected the biggest changes to be in […]

Does Not Liking Computers Impact One’s Ability to Be a Successful Online Student?

What happens when you have to use a computer but don’t like to? Ranida B. Harris, Indiana University Southeast, and Kent Marett, Mississippi State University, investigated what happens to people who have to use computers for more than 20 hours […]

Forget Books. Forget Computers. Forget Cellphones. Try Wall Text

Carolyn Kotlas summarized a webinar about Cellphones as Instructional Tools. I was interested in her summary because of a recent first-time visit to the Botanical Gardens in Washington, D.C. I was very disappointed in the cellphone tours they made available […]

Internet-Enabled Washers and Dryers

I interviewed Allison Rossett for eLearn Magazine and just came across some notes from the interview. My favorite insight of hers was on the inclusion of experts and peers in education facilitated through technology. She also talked about the role […]