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Does e-learning Create a Culture of Multitasking?

An advantage to the classroom, for me, if that I focus on the teacher. When someone isn’t a good teacher, certainly my mind wanders, but it’s usually to what skills need improving. There are limits to what can be done […]

What Our Readers Are Saying

I find it fascinating to see who is reading eLearn Magazine. Our readers from July-September 2009 came from 176 countries and territories, the top ten being United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Philippines, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, and Taiwan. It […]

It Weighs Less But What Else Does the Kindle Offer Students?

I have been interested in the Kindle ever since Mark Notess wrote about it. As a book lover whose first job in high school was in the Brookline Public Library, I was unable to imagine the joys of curling up […]

What We’re Thinking About: Transparent Thinking

I never read Donald Schon’s Educating the Reflective Practitioner but I just read a review of it. I was especially struck by “you as the master must make your thinking transparent to the learner.” This reminded me of when I […]

“Inhabit the Confusion” to Develop Online Courses

Having developed many online courses, I know what my thought processes are. But I rarely hear how others approach course design. There is a 3 minute video describing the Human Systems Explorer that I recommend; one of the best lines […]