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Teachers, Trainers, and the iPad

From the perspective of a teacher, trainer (or instructional designer for that matter) what’s your reaction to the iPad? Does it make you curious about anything (e.g., “I wonder how students will…”)? How can you envision it helping you educate? […]

Bogus Schools and Bogus Degrees

It’s surprising there are so many: 1,762 fake institutions worldwide with another 1,545 filed as “suspicious” according to Verifile. The US has the most – 810 – and the UK comes in second with 271. One can only imagine the […]

Debate about Roger Schank’s Prediction for 2010

I was part of an AACE executive board discussion, in which Saul Carliner said, One of my favorites is Roger Schank’s prediction for 2010 in eLearn Magazine: “Bye bye phone,” predicting the demise of mobile learning citing the difficulty of […]

Whaddya Call It?

I asked on Twitter yesterday, “What term do you use most? Learning 2.0, Blending Learning, Social Learning, Informal Learning, eLearning … something else?” The responses, I hoped, would illuminate not only which words people use most, but also what practices […]

Free Yourself from Oppression by Technology

My 11 year old daughter and I recently discussed the impact of comma placement, pauses, and intonation on meaning. Hence I was immediately attracted to the title, “Free yourself from oppression by technology”, because it can be parsed 2 ways. […]