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Why and How Do You Use Ning?

Are you using Ning? Allow me to ask a seemingly dumb question: Why? I don’t mean, “Oh, why would you ever use it!” but rather, “I understand what Ning is supposed to enable, but why do you personally use it? […]

Every e-learning Professional Should See “Up in the Air”

I think “Up in the Air” is George Clooney’s best performance ever. The reviews won’t tell you this, but the movie revolves around a training problem: how do you teach a newly-minted Cornell MBA the difference between theory and practice? […]

Scented Learning

Fascinating Fragrance Fact #1: Women were “rated higher in intelligence and friendliness when they wore scent in a job interview than when they did not, reports the Journal of Applied Psychology”, as reported in Cosmopolitan. Scent matters, no question. But […]

Polyglots Have an Edge in a Socially-Technologically Connected World

English is the only language I speak and write fluently. It’s the result of growing up in an area and country where everyone around me spoke only English. Sometimes, I feel being mono-lingual limits what I can learn. On Twitter, […]