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If Netflix and Amazon Do It, Why Not Recommender Systems for Online Education?

Netflix and ease your selection process by recommending movies or books that you may like based on your history. Recommender systems been successful in e-commerce and other domains in which information overload exists. What about educational scenarios where, arguably, […]

Una Discusión de e-Learning con Roger Schank

Contributing editor to eLearn Magazine Roger Schank was interviewed recently by Darío Montoya Mejía, director general of Sena, in Columbia about his approaches to e-learning, both in terms of his philosophies and how we build learning programs. The interview is […]

Saul Carliner Appointed Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions

Saul Carliner, eLearn Magazine Advisory Board member and contributor, as well as one of the people I respect most in the field of e-learning, was just appointed Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication. Please join me in congratulating him. […]

Online Education Favors Experienced Writers

A friend of mine enrolled in an online degree program this year, which is primarily asynchronous. As a life-long and avid reader, she is also a strong writer. When she began the course, she emailed me with the subject line […]