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3 Biggest Myths about Teaching Online Education

Like most of the students who enroll in an online course thinking it’ll be a walk in the park, instructors also fantasize about the simplicity of teaching a course from the confines of their own home. Maybe that’s why the […]

A Great Example of a Storyboard for Improving Hand Hygiene

I love to create storyboards for courses, presentations, you name it, usually using a Post-It Easel Pad. But I rarely see other people’s storyboards, primitive like mine or slick and polished. The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare created a […]

Study Better – When Did You Last Reflect on the Process and How to Improve It?

We all study, whether we are students, teachers, or professionals, when we need to learn something, but rarely stop to reflect on the process and how to improve it. My student, Pam Ressler, published a brief guide to studying. I […]

Why Do Our K-12 Schools Remain Technology-Free?

The cell phone you used 3 years ago was probably twice as thick and 1/10th as powerful as the one you use today. In fact, if the trailers for the sequel to “Wall Street” show Gordon Gecko’s huge cell phone […]