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Webinar Technology That Worked for You: Recommendation Needed

Recently I had a discussion with someone who is setting up a webinar series. I recommended a vendor who I have had good experiences with but they turned out to be too expensive. Here is what she is looking for – please help out by recommending products you have used successfully in similar circumstances.

We will be hosting 10-12 webinars in 2010. Each will have one presenter, or a panel of presenters, delivering information on a topic to an audience of between 30-200. We rarely know how many people a topic is going to attract and often have more registrants than participants. What is most important to us is that we be able to record the sessions for sharing at a later date, and that we are able to offer integrated VOIP.

I’ve already told her about some of the issues in setting up and running seminars – and pointed her to some excellent, relevant articles in eLearn Magazine.

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  1. Curt Bonk

    I am using Adobe Connect Pro (formerly Breeze) this semster and have done research on it in the past.
    Park, Y. J., & Bonk, C. J. (2007). Synchronous learning experiences: Distance and residential learnersÂ’ perspectives in a blended graduate course. Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 6(3) 245-264.
    Park, Y. J., & Bonk, C. J. (2007). Is online life a Breeze?: A case study for promoting synchronous learning in a blended graduate course. (PDF) Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT), 3(3), 307-323.
    It can archive sessions. Not sure on cost. See tables in the articles for more.
    Good luck.

  2. Janet Clarey

    I don’t know Elluminate’s pricing structure but perhaps she’s getting charged for 200 ppl vs. a varying amount. If she’s feeling brave, one year I used trial versions for a number of products (Adobe Connect, WebEx, Go-to-Meeting, etc.) and was able to evaluate one system per month while delivering webinars though out the year.

  3. Clark Quinn

    I have seen Elluminate used for such a volume, and have successfully presented using iLink, WebEx, Connect, and GoToMeeting to various quantities of people. The features differ somewhat, and presumably the pricing too. She should probably find out who’s got the features and prices she needs.
    She could also look at the eLearning Guild’s research report on synchronous learning systems (2008) and other resources.

  4. Jay Cross

    Are we talking video or just audio? Audio is quite effective, and Free Conference Call now records for free.
    For Are we talking video or just audio? Audio is quite effective, and Free Conference Call now records for free.
    For <50 people, try DimDim.
    Zorap permits multiple video streams but I have yet to stress-test it.

  5. Mark Notess

    I’ve used Adobe’s Acrobat Connect with good results many times. If you’re doing audio, it works best to use audio for outgoing but have webinar participants ask questions via text chat. Having everyone set up microphones is often difficult. Sessions can be recorded. In fact, if you’d like a look, google “variations open source webinar” to find a recording of a webinar we did a year ago today.

  6. Zvonko Martinovic

    We have used Adobe Connect Pro for some time and have found it excellent tool for webinars. It is full featured tool that is very easy to use both for presenter and participants. Another great thing is that you can choose from the number of hosted systems for a monthly/annual feed or setup your “in-house” installation. Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5 features advanced teleconferencing capabilities alongside the VoIP, so the communication with the participants shouldn’t be the problem.

  7. Bee

    Does anyone know of a webinar service that allows the participants access to a web browser through the webinar software? That would be a great feature to have especially after a webinar

  8. Steve

    I have used several systems over the years, and like Adobe Connect. I have recently had audio issues, including VOIP. We are looking at a system that provides better support (Adobe, nonexistent). Any suggestions?

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  10. Teleseminar

    We use Adobe Connect’s free webinar service “Connect Now” to host not only webinars but also teleseminars.

  11. archive porno

    The best solution i have found so far is called gotomeeting. The licence for multi user is cheap and this solution works really well. Hope it helps.

  12. AZ

    We used before Adobe Acrobat Connect but I had no audio problems. It’s a high quality software.

  13. Antonio

    I usually form a webinar using AAC. If you don’t have money to purchase, you just can use the Yahoo feature. It’s not perfect but usable

  14. unibet

    for webminar services, I use Instant Presenter which is quite good.

  15. bwin

    Very good solution, thanks

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