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Pick Your Favorite Online Instructor for a Course on the 2008 Election

02cuomo_span.jpgI intended to write a post addressed to the new president informing him, not that he asked, about what he should do to promote quality online education. But, after seeing a few letters in similar veins, I am attempting to be more original: who would you most like to have teach an online course on the 2008 election?
My idea was inspired by two disparate sources. One was a conversation with a student in Mario Cuomo’s course on “2008 Presidential Election: Where We Are as a Nation, Where We Want to Be, How We Get There” at Baruch College in Manhattan. The other was the results of a poll in Parenting Magazine, November 2008, on “Which candidate would you trust to watch your kids, Barack Obama or John McCain?”
In the case of the Cuomo’s course, it sounded full of lively debate from the description I heard. The downsides, however, were the constant presence of journalists and that the course consistently ran over so that many students missed the last train.
In the case of the poll, the print magazine showed that, of 2100 respondents, Obama won, 61% to 39%, and there were some printed comments about which candidate seemed most responsible and trustworthy and why. Online Obama has an even bigger lead.
Well, being a babysitter and being a teacher have more in common than most instructors care to acknowledge. With the election over, McCain will certainly have more available time for these parents who voted for him. But back to my point: who would make the best online instructor for a recap on the election?
Obama would be more likely to have the technological skills to run the class, and would certainly have a fascinating insights. But he and Joe Biden are very busy. They might delegate too many sessions to their staff. McCain, as an instructor, might be reflective, as would Sarah Palin, about what they could have done differently. And, then, of course, there is Cuomo himself, already committed to teaching on the topic of the election. From what I heard from the student, though, he might be less able to perform for an online crowd. The cast of possibilities is endless: Mitt Romney might have great insights on how the election would have gone differently had he been selected as McCain’s running mate. Not to mention Ralph Nadar’s undoubtedly unique perspective. And then there is the amazingly articulate Tony Blair, who I heard interviewed on NPR and who, like Cuomo, moonlights as a professor.
I think my final choice is Hillary Clinton, who, unlike Tony Blair, has first-hand insights on the election. Clinton has at least some technology skills, apparently, and arguably more time than Obama to devote to the course. Plus, she has a dry sense of humor that could make her a good online instructor.
Who would you like to have teach your ideal online course on the election?

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