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The eLearning Atlas

Ooh. Aah.

How about a map of the eLearning industry with all the products on the market? OK, maybe not all but over 3,000. And what if it came with a commenting tool and a way to filter tools?

From the site: “The eLearning Atlas is a free service brought to you by Rustici Software, LLC and The purpose of the eLearning Atlas is to utilize our uniquely neutral position in the market to bring together all of the products and vendors in the eLearning world.

I take back anything negative I’ve ever said about SCORM : )

Let’s hope it doesn’t get all mucked up with self-serving and/or unproductive comments.

Link: Atlas in Wonderland, Rustici Software, Jenna Lawing and Chris Tompkins 10/26/11

Photo: Toy Story, Disney

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