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Learning on the Go

Coinciding with Allison Rossett’s most recent article on mobile learning, earlier today I came across an insightful yet humorous infographic created by Float Mobile Learning.

The abacus, See ‘n Say and Rubik’s Cube were all learning tools I loved as a child. Something a parent could throw in their bag and pull out for an impromptu lesson. Now we have smart phones, iPads and Kindles. Yet there still seems to be a disconnect between these innovative tools and their usefulness for learning at an organizational level. Allison attempts to answer the question: If mobile learning and support are wonderful, why aren’t they everywhere? Take a look at the “history of mobile learning” below.


2 Responses

  1. Courses Online

    In regard to the possible disconnect between innovative tools and their usefulness for learning, a possible reason is that it, in the digital world, there are dozens of time-wasting non-useful applications for every useful learning application. This situation may improve in one generation when the fascination for all things digital is replaced by something we cannot possible imagine yet. There is a probablility that Gen Y may preach to their own children on how to make use of technology more wisely than they did. How can a child find time to use technology for learning purposes when they send 50 or more text messages a day.

  2. Danny

    While there are many ways that technology can help us learn, technology can have the direct opposite effect. I agree that there are many non-useful applications and it seems like we constantly witness something new that can benefit learners but doesn’t. What we have to ask ourselves is, does this piece of technology help make things better and is it useful? That’s the technological age we live in with some much be created so quickly.

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