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Sharlyn Lauby’s Three Learning Trends

In response to’s recent industry report, Lauby sees the probable increase in training expenditures as an indication that training will continue to be a major focus for organizations. More importantly, organization will have to actively engage participants and create learning retention. She discusses in detail three trends:

1. Social Learning
2. Social Networking Techniques
3. Gamification

eLearn Magazine’s Jane Bozarth and Karl Kapp both offer their insights.

“Social media tools help to amplify the social and informal learning already going on in organizations all the time, every day, and make the learning available on a much larger scale. They provide ways to connect talent pools and expertise in an organization or within a practice area, and can offer just-in-time solutions to problems and performance issues.”

Read the entire article at Mashable

2 Responses

  1. Luisa Formisano

    Your post clarifies the present situations we are working in around the world. The stress is on creativity and managing by themselves the tools available on the net. The feedback own control upon personal activities is more complex but it’s the production itself that may be a result. The use of storytelling is a good experiment to convey meanings and messages in a very personal learning environment at early stages and not only. Thank you for your planning!

  2. aaron

    I agree, these are three big trends! The question is, when will real software based gamification become prevalent in the classroom?

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