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  1. Eonlinetutors

    We provide online tutoring based upon student’s learning style .We encourage students & tutors to use MIDAS program .It can be a great way for students to improve their skills in the comfort of their homes with a tutor who shares same learning style . Online Tutors

  2. online learning

    The biggest challenge for the online learning industry is catering to kinesthetic learners. Gaming style platfoms could definitely be helpful here.

  3. Virtual University In Dubai

    My respect for online education is there as it really helped me get a degree when I was having time management problems, I also changed from BS to MBA programs while enrolling for virtual university courses and the experience was way too good and worth changing my line in terms of online education!

  4. Alson Miller

    Online education is the right way for learning. It grants flexibility to students for accessing education with financial benefits. Online education offers a finest platform for learning.

  5. Umesh Soman

    That’s a very nicely written and explanatory article, Bailey. And as I look at this and remember my conversations with a lot of learning professionals, a general feeling is that the more involved all the senses are in the learning, the better one learns.

    Online learning is certainly a great tool and makes it possible for anyone anywhere to have access to a wealth of knowledge. And when supplemented with other forms of learning, it actually creates opportunities where there were none. Thank you for a well thought out article.

    I invite you to contribute to our blog as and when it interests you, Bailey. Our blog focuses on how to get Zing back into life… and one of the ways is learning.

  6. Pauline Gill

    I am working as well as taking classes through online learning procedure with Freedom Business School, California. It’s been almost eight months into my course and it suits me well along with my work. Our learning procedures are mainly auditory and visual type. These are very well apt for my learning style. Nowadays, most of the online education providers give a hybrid learning procedure in which all the three styles of learning are incorporated. The changing technology also helped a lot in minimizing the difference of attending a school/college and educating online.
    Note: Pluto is no more in the solar system, so I guess it should be Neptune there :)

  7. Ann Peterson

    I took my Realtor license while I was already working as a florist. Since I couldn’t juggle my time between working and attending the classes I decided to try online education. I zeroed upon the Freedom Business School in California for preparing for my test and passed it in my first attempt. We can study at our pace without any disturbance. Any query or doubts can be cleared through video chats or via telephone. When technology is growing at a rapid rate online education is going to become more and more efficient.
    Note: Happy to see that I have a schoolmate here. Hey Pauline…

  8. sandhaya

    Hey ! You represented the learning of online education through e-learning very neatly. Among the Three learners , I think I am a Auditory and Visual learner but It would be better for me if i will come into third category of learner that is Kinesthetic learners which prefer hands-on learning and the big role play in an activities with full dedication.
    Now a days , Online education is in a high demand and the most important thing about this is that we can access this anywhere, anytime.So,Thanks to the latest technology for giving us a new tool to learn something.

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