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The Ultimate Training Opportunity

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) “are being touted by US [and other] government officials as a way to significantly improve the quality and reduce health care administrative costs” although the jury is still out, according to Robert Charette writing for IEEE Spectrum. What is important about EHRs to e-learning professionals is the incredible training opportunities afforded by the introduction of a new technology to already overworked healthcare professionals. Charette went on to say that one of the authors of a Harvard Medical School study, Dr. David Himmelstein, told ComputerWorld that the most successful EHRs “don’t require users’ manuals or much in the way of training. I note this because the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services last week announced $80 million in grants for new workforce training programs in order to speed the adoption of EHR systems across the US. More training money is in the pipeline.”
Have you ever developed technology training? It tends to be dreary, dry, and pedantic: this is how to open a file; now YOU try it. What a challenge: to develop online courses that help healthcare professionals reach a level of EHR proficiency quickly. Any ideas? Does $80 million spur your creative thoughts?

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  1. Lars Hyland

    Technology training does not have to be dull, nor does it have to try to be something it isn’t. The focus should be on scenario-led use cases that are relevant and contextualised to the learner, and therefore sensitive to the job role they hold.
    E-learning that is performance support available at the time of need and is trusted by the user of the system to be accurate and quick to access is usually the best answer for those with core computer literacy skills. For those still nervous or lack confidence with computers (which is still a lot of people) additional support is needed to help them feel comfortable with the system and the supporting training (e-learning) and then let them get on with it.
    You can find some great examples on how to tackle this cost effectively and at a similarly strategic level to EHR on the Brightwave website – in particular the case study on Bupa Healthcare, a private healthcare insurance company.

  2. SIA Training

    In Europe and the UK there will be interesting changes for both private security and national security

  3. BDI Media

    Like here in the UK the government has invested Millions into NHS Systems that will record patient details. Only to find later that the systems were not ‘fit for purpose’

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