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Using Twitter for Role Plays

I’ve speculated about the use of blogging by Agatha Christie and Thomas Jefferson, but not about their use of twitter. I was fascinated to read What Lincoln Would Have Tweeted, not just to speculate further about how a person who did not have a technology available might have used it, but also for the description of TwHistory, a Web site that uses twitter for historical re-enactments.
Having conducted role plays online, twitter struck me as an ideal technology to employ. A teamwork skills training project I worked on used role plays to help emergency medical teams appreciate the knowledge, skills, and coordination required by jobs other than their own. Everyone was involved in the role plays; some students were assigned roles, and others were assigned the role of critic, all using synchronous technology. I can easily see that twitter would allow for a role play like that to be done, where there is interaction and sequencing of events, and where a postmortem of the session could reinforce learning.
It is exciting to see instances of technologies used in creative ways. The last really innovative use I saw of twitter was qwitter, for smoking-cessation, but there was no indication that it had been successful at the intended goal. TwHistory is, of course, doing something very different and I hope it will meet with great success – one of the successes being to excite educators to use twitter for role plays.

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  1. Marion Jensen

    This really is a new way to teach history. History is almost never studied in ‘real time’. This method allows you to experience the Cuban Missile Crisis over the same number of days as it actually took to happen. I also like the fact that the information is coming directly from the original source documentation.

  2. Clark Quinn

    Lisa, hadn’t thought about it, though I did hear of a government department thinking about using Twitter (or corp equivalents) to coordinate emergency responses. Can’t see why doing that in role-play wouldn’t make sense too!
    Love finding out about TwHistory, too!

  3. Twiducate

    Twiducate is a twitter-like site giving teachers full control over classroom networks. Only students added by the teacher can view and make posts.

  4. sildenafil

    I have used Twiducate! It’s really handy for teachers. My sister is a teacher and she loves it!

  5. Oleg

    Twitter really is a unique and multi purpose tool. I’m sure people will keep coming up with unique and creative ways to use the service to its full potential.

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