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The Revolution in Higher Education and the Needs of the New Academic

By Alison Carr-Chellman / June 9, 2014

This new e-Lead from the editor's desk is an introspective look at what eLearning means to the daily rituals of the ivory tower, and the impact eLearning is having on academic life today. » [Full Article]
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Bridging the Gap: The Role of Ongoing Training and Coaching

By Kurt Andersen / January 31, 2014

Did you know there is a major gap in the sales training process? This article shares the results of a survey that explores the gap, analyzes why it exists, and proposes strategic methods for addressing this issue. » [Full Article]
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eLearn Enters a New Era

By Alison Carr-Chellman / January 29, 2014

eLearn Magazine is entering a new era and will look and feel rather different in the coming months. The editor-in-chief shares a preview of what is new and what is coming. » [Full Article]
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eLearning: From the enclosure to the global learning commons

By David Price / November 21, 2013

In assessing the impact of eLearning, and the disruption of formal learning, David Price has devised six imperatives of social learning, which he describes as values, motivations, and actions that make social learning exciting. The challenge for eLearning is to incorporate these characteristics into online learning programs. » [Full Article]
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Online Done Right: The importance of human interaction for student success

By Jayson M. Boyers / September 12, 2013

Though more connected than any previous generation, many online learners report feeling something is missing from their educational experience. A quality online course provides the scheduling flexibility of distance learning, but does so with a reasonable student-professor ratio that makes interaction and connection possible. Boyers opines on why engagement matters. » [Full Article]
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The Accidental Student

By Maria L. Hughes / August 8, 2013

In this editorial, Maria L. Hughes discusses her first-hand experience with MOOCs as a Coursera student. » [Full Article]
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Open Educational Resources in the Post MOOC Era

By Gary W Matkin / April 4, 2013

It's clear that the landscape of the open education movement is changing every day. The history of MOOCs has been a fascinating tale of supply and demand. The need for open educational resources (OER) have been demanded from learners all over the world and with the immense supply of open educational resources available from schools everywhere demonstrate the importance of MOOC. In response to the ever changing OER movement, UC Irvines Open Chemistry project leads the way in offering a full, coherent curriculum of lectures and coursesrather than individual courses. Another major milestone for MOOCs is the opportunity for learners to earn credits for certain coursesagain furthering the possibilities of the OER movement by lowering the cost of higher education. » [Full Article]
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