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The State of Distance Education in Saudi Arabia

By Hend Suliman Al-Khalifa / October 2009

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  • Wed, 02 Jun 2010
    Post by maha quraishi

    it is good to know how saudi arabia is improving in the distance education field...but i would say it has a lot to improve in science field.. im a BSc life sciences student n i was looking for any masters program on distance mode in ksa...but there seems to be none..i would appreciate if people looked upon that.. thank you...

  • Mon, 29 Mar 2010
    Post by Parveez Ahemad Buruj

    I would like to no more about the Quranic Arabic Language grammar through online/distance learning.

    Please share me the university url or contact info.

    Jazak Allah Thanks, Parveez Ahemad

  • Mon, 01 Feb 2010
    Post by Muktiono Waspodo

    I would like to explanation e-learning and distance learning from King Saud University, Saudi arabia Thank a lot of your's explanation and attention.

    Best Regards

    Muktiono Waspodo Jakarta - Indonesia

  • Mon, 30 Nov 2009
    Post by Dr. Hurip Danu Ismadi

    Please give me more detail information of distance learning at the Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University. It is very useful to me. How to register it? and how entering as a student if I am from Indonesia. Is it possible? Thank a lot of your explanation and attention.

    Best Regards

    Dr. Hurip Danu Ismadi Jakarta - Indonesia

  • Thu, 12 Nov 2009
    Post by Parveez

    Good to see that adopting new trends... it should be more focus on specific user center to learn more better.

    All the best. Parveez Ahemad

  • Sun, 08 Nov 2009
    Post by Mohammed Mustafa

    Great work, though Still needs more effort to cross that edge and enterthe elearning world, widey .. I am gonna till you that elearning will solve many problems especially in saudi arabia.

    Hope to hear about more success Many thanks for your time

  • Fri, 06 Nov 2009
    Post by Katherine Bolman

    I would be interested in working with you to develop an online history of art and architecture course. I could develop it as a standalone source using a basic art history text or I could work with one of your professors to develop it in a way that works for them.

    I am working on a course that you can see at

    this force can be developed in a number of ways depending upon your theory of education. It can be developed as a project based course were the students interact on a regular basis. It can be developed as a more lecture class where the lectures can be posted within the course material or I can use Skype and enters the classroom itself. The work I'm doing at this point is so That teachers can use the micro lessons at standalone units over history and social studies teachers can use the micro- lessons as adjunct material to their history courses.

    I would be interested in hearing from any school that would like to work with me.

    My e-mail address is [email protected]

  • Mon, 02 Nov 2009
    Post by Sahar

    I'd just like to add something to this great article , about the significant efforts made by (National Center for e-Learining & Distance learning ) -in Saudi Arabia. Such as JUSUR LMS to provide high value integrated learning.

    Thanks alots to editorial board efforts in this magazine and Special thanks to Prof.Hend who guide us to this Excellent technology magazine.

  • Fri, 30 Oct 2009
    Post by yasser

    thanks for topic and i get a good site too

  • Wed, 16 Jul 2008
    Post by Eamon Costello

    "Deciding to abandon a purchased product implies that the selection process was flawed, after all." - Very true. Allied to the fact the we must be constantly evaluating technologies