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How to Provide Fair and Effective Feedback in Asynchronous Courses
3 Best Practices for Online Teachers

By Elizabeth A. Gruenbaum / April 2010

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  • Fri, 23 Apr 2010
    Post by Beth Gruenbaum

    Hi Allison, Thank you for the additional suggestions. Personal connections really are important in a virtual classroom. That is a very noteworthy point! Best, Beth

  • Wed, 21 Apr 2010
    Post by Allison Rossett

    Those ideas are great-- thanks.

    A few additions.

    -- To increase value and appreciation of the rubric, provide an example or two, linking the rubric elements to the instances. They love that-- and for good reason.

    -- Send out a weekly letter that reminds of what was recently accomplished/covered, what is expected over the next few weeks, and pointing to particularly useful resources. I also include some slightly personal news, such as a trip or life event. I have congratulated a student on the birth of a baby, for example, and urged the student to post a picture. When teaching an online class during San Diego's dreadful 2004 wild fires, I spoke of them and how they were affecting us. It's a good way to keep students up to date and to remind them that this online class is peopled with human beings, emphasis on the human.

  • Mon, 28 Nov 2005
    Post by Sandra Ku?ina

    I think this is a good warning that online courses should be carefully prepared. Gary was too much concentrated of how will he does the course insted of thinking what can he learn.

  • Wed, 16 Nov 2005
    Post by Susan Dineen

    This article really makes you stop and think - at what point does technology go from being a benefit to being a barrier?