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(Call For Papers) Special Issue on Generative AI in eLearning: Innovation and application in the Middle East Region

In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has witnessed unprecedented growth, with Generative AI (Gen AI) emerging as a groundbreaking frontier. Gen AI enables teachers to create content that ranges from text to images, sounds, video, and beyond and holds immense potential for transformative applications across various sectors. Education, as a cornerstone for societal development, is no exception. The application of Gen AI in learning and education opens innovative pathways for teaching pedagogies, personalized learning experiences, and the democratization of education, particularly in regions where traditional educational resources may be scarce or unevenly distributed.
The Middle East region, with its diverse cultural heritage and rapid technological adoption, presents a unique landscape for the implementation of Gen AI in education. The region's educational institutions and stakeholders are increasingly recognizing the potential of AI to revolutionize learning environments, making education more accessible, engaging, and effective. 
This Special Issue aims to explore innovative applications of Gen AI in the eLearning sector within the Middle East, shedding light on the current state, challenges, opportunities, and future directions.
  • Article submission deadline: May 1, 2024
Contact Information
  • If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Special Issue Editor:
    Dr. Zuheir N Khlaif of An-Najah National University (

(Call For Proposals) Special Issue on ABCs of Online Teaching and Learning: A glossary of modern e-learning principles and strategies

Prospective authors are invited to submit articles for an upcoming special issue of eLearn Magazine, “ABCs of Online Teaching and Learning.” This special issue will offer a comprehensive, alphabetical exploration of key concepts in digital education. Each letter of the alphabet serves as an innovative organizational tool, guiding readers on topics from A for asynchronous learning—detailing best practices in accommodating varied schedules and time zones—through Z for zone of proximal development—which explores the application and significance of this educational theory in the realm of online learning. Each article will elucidate a keyword or phrase, creating an extensive glossary of modern e-learning principles and strategies.

The goal of this special issue is to create an inclusive and comprehensive exploration of essential concepts in digital education, effectively structured through an alphabetical framework. 

  • Claim form submission deadline: March 1, 2024
  • Article submission deadline: May 31, 2024


2022 Special Issue on Blended Learning Technologies in Healthcare Professions Education

Healthcare professions education like medical education, nursing education, dental education, etc. are increasingly adopting blended forms of education incorporating a variety of educational technologies. This Special Issue showcases the various ways in which educational technologies are being used in healthcare professions education to facilitate blended learning.

The goal of this Special Issue is to inspire integration of educational technology to foster blended learning effectiveness. 

eLearn Magazine would like to acknowledge Dr. Anita Samuel of Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Maryland who served as the Special Issue Editor

2021 Special Issue "Advancing Beyond Multiple Choice eAssessment"

This Special Issue curates insights from the Beyond Multiple Choice 2020 conference speakers about the trends, research, and technologies guiding the future of eAssessment—and the contexts for how it can be equitably applied to facilitate learning achievement. As the shift to eLearning accelerates, so too does the need for online assessment that can reveal and direct learning progress. This has presented both opportunities and challenges for policymakers, curriculum and assessment designers, and educators.

eLearn Magazine would like to acknowledge Brian Moon the chief technology officer for Perigean Technologies, president of Sero! Learning Assessments, and cofounder of BMC. Moon served as the Special Issue Editor. 

2019 Special Issue "Paradigm Shifts in Global Higher Education and eLearning"

The world in the digital knowledge age has changed, and education is not immune to these changes. In a time when online technologies, networked learning spaces, mobile devices, cloud computing, and many other innovative tools have penetrated our lives and resulted in a paradigm shift. Therefore, we need to revisit what is known about the current state of the art in higher education and e-learning. The Special Issue aims to reflect changes in global higher education with a special focus on e-learning.

eLearn Magazine would like to acknowledge Dr. Aras Bozkurt of Anadolu University and Dr. Amy Hilbelink of Laureate International Education who served as the Special Issue Editors.

2018 Special Issue on Technology in eLearning

Instructional Technology to Impact eLearning

This Special Issue explores teaching and learning with an emphasis on the practical value and impact of instructional technology in the online classroom. As such, articles feature critical reflection analysis, case studies, and classroom innovations that utilize instructional technology to enhance the online learning experience. The goal of this Special Issue is to inspire integration of instructional technology to foster elearning effectiveness.

eLearn Magazine would like to acknowledge Dr. B. Jean Mandernach of Grand Canyon University, who served as the Special Issue Editor.