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2022 Special Issue on Blended Learning Technologies in Healthcare Professions Education

Healthcare professions education like medical education, nursing education, dental education, etc. are increasingly adopting blended forms of education incorporating a variety of educational technologies. This Special Issue showcases the various ways in which educational technologies are being used in healthcare professions education to facilitate blended learning.

The goal of this Special Issue is to inspire integration of educational technology to foster blended learning effectiveness. 

  1. Blended Teaching in Health Professions Education by Anita Samuel   
  2. Blended Learning Technologies in Dental Education: A case study in orofacial pain by James Hawkins, Drew Fallis, and Steven Durning         
  3. Teaching Tracheostomy Management Using VoiceThread: Reflection on the evolution of our blended coaching approach by Jennifer C. Benjamin, Weichao Chen, and Satid Thammasitboon           
  4. Maintaining Social Support in The Era of Social Distancing: Transitioning an in-person family-oriented wellness event to a virtual venue by Fei Chen, Sania Rahiml, Robert Isaak, Brooke Chidgey, Emily Teeter, Harendra Arora, and Susan Martinelli    
  5. Transitioning to and Navigating Virtual Conferences as a Result of COVID by Jamie Geringer          
  6. Teaching with QR Codes: Accessible technology for the novice educator by Elizabeth Schulz and Katherine Ottolini       
  7. The Eyes Have It: The importance of eye contact in education and strategies to improve teaching in the virtual environment by Sarah Hodges
  8. How A Graduate Nursing Program Implemented a Virtual Oral Examination During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Janice Williams, Natasha Best, Stacy Carr,  Candy Wilson, and Diane Seibert      
  9. Using Panopto In-Video Quizzes for Online Medical Education by Eulho Jung and Greg Snow         
  10. Raising the Bar for Asynchronous Learning in Pre-clerkship Medical Education by Phorum Sheth, Anita Samuel, Eulho Jung, and Jacob Collen