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Shining the Light on Learning: A recap of Training magazine's 2023 conference and expo

By Les Howles / May 9, 2023

This article reviews Training magazine's 46th Annual Conference and Expo held February 13 through 15 in Orlando, Florida. It summarizes highlights from keynote presentations, expo hall events, and numerous concurrent sessions relevant to learning and development professionals » [Full Article]

Beyond Multiple Choice Conference in review

Special Issue: Advancing Beyond Multiple Choice eAssessment

By Kristine Hadeed / September 30, 2021

This review analyzes ideas and themes that emerged from Beyond Multiple Choice 2020 (BMC2020), the third iteration of an annual conference exploring the future of assessment. Taking place online due to restrictions surrounding COVID-19, BMC2020 attracted speakers and delegates from across the globe, representing various facets of the assessment industry. Altogether, the presentations compiled a bird's-eye snapshot of challenges and opportunities for advancing assessment to better meet 21st-century training and education needs. » [Full Article]

South by Southwest 2018: Reflections for e-Learn Magazine

By Alison Carr-Chellman / April 4, 2018

This multimedia article offers some reflections on the South by Southwest 2018 conference for e-Learn Magazine readers/watchers. The South by Southwest conference is held in Austin each spring, and represents the best of the arts and technology melding with high profile speakers such as Bernie Sanders, Melinda Gates, and Bill Hader. This article reviews several days of experiences at SXSW EDU and SXSW including interviews, information from the EDU Playground, and SXSW exposition show floor. » [Full Article]

Innovation. Inspiration. Connection.

By Anita Samuel / October 24, 2017

The Distance Teaching and Learning Conference 2017 brought together distance educators, instructional designers, and administrators for three days of innovation, inspiration, and connection. Take a look at what happened at DTL 2017. You might want to include this in your 2018 schedule. » [Full Article]

The Best of CES 2016: Transforming education with technology

By Alison Carr-Chellman / January 12, 2016

CES 2016 was rife with opportunities to consider the future of e-learning. Many new products will make their way into households in the near future, and the e-learn practitioner can be on the cutting edge by starting to think about how to add practices for those inevitable changes in household electronics. » [Full Article]

Getting Going with mLearning: A recap of mLearnCon 2014

By Clark Quinn / July 11, 2014

The latest mLearn Conference was a chance to assess the current state of the mobile industry. The core message was that mobile has matured, and there are real opportunities to be had. The cutting edge, however, is still a dynamic area of exploration with content architectures at the back end and wearables at the front end both are driving much excitement. » [Full Article]

Getting Smart About Content

By Clark Quinn / March 7, 2014

eLearning is behind the industry when it comes to dealing with content systematically. The Intelligent Content Conference presents a chance to understand what leading organizations are recommending and doing with content. The practices observed include design, engineering, and management of content in ways enlightened by new standards and tools that provide a multi-layer approach to customizing the user experience. » [Full Article]

Training 2013 Conference & Expo: A Review

By Kevin Thorn / March 20, 2013

Kevin Thorn shares a detailed recap of Training 2013 Conference & Expo, which attracts training, learning and performance professionals from both the public and private sectors. In this overview, Thorn offers a detailed description of the three-day event. If you have a hard time figuring out which learning conference to attend, this recap will help. » [Full Article]

The Oxford Union Debate on Informal Learning, Style or Substance?

By Samuel Greengard / August 10, 2011

Last fall, a panel of eLearn heavy hitters were invited by the Oxford Union to debate whether informal learning is fad or foundational. Presented is a recap of the lively event. » [Full Article]

How to Create a Podcast for e-Learning

By Jill Duffy / November 5, 2010

In our era of ubiquitous and almost free publishing, those who want to teach and learn now have almost limitless resources. However, this wealth of information brings a whole new perspective on literacy. As Howard Rheingold suggests, we, which includes educators and learners alike, might now have to deal with not one, but six literacies. » [Full Article]

The Best of the Best

By Ed Arnold / October 25, 2002

Over a dozen expert panelists from higher education, industry, and government sectors shared their experiences at the MIT Conference on Distance Education and Training Strategies: Lessons From Best Practices conference held on September 24th at the Tang Center at MIT. This all-day conference attracted about 150 learning professionals from the Boston area and beyond, including a panelist who presented virtually from his office in Nairobi, Kenya. » [Full Article]