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A Closer Look at the Unplag Plagiarism Checker

By Michael Yarborough / September 27, 2016

Plagiarism checkers have long turned into irreplaceable educators' assistants. The most efficient of them allow you to not just compare student papers to online sources or databases, but also to suggest some corrections and teach students how to follow citation rules. Not all the newly launched tools of that kind can really boast of having substantial differences and useful functionality. Still, there are some alternatives that are worth trying. » [Full Article]

Knowing Me, Knowing You

By Karen Kear, Frances Chetwynd, Helen Jefferis / February 12, 2015

Some learners find online environments impersonal, but are personal profiles the solution? » [Full Article]

Five Reasons to Download Adobe Presenter

By Craig Wiggins / November 7, 2013

In this review, Craig Wiggins takes a look at Adobe Presenter 9 and weighs the values of its new features. » [Full Article]

The Best Assessment Tools for the Online Classroom

By Martin Sivula / December 4, 2012

More and more students at all levels of education submit “e-documents” for assessment, grading, and instructor review. While retaining an electronic format, there are several free or low cost software tools available to facilitate this process. Each of the tools mentioned here have been empirically tested in the classroom and/or online setting—giving feedback to more than 100 students. Results suggest selecting tools that fit your instructional methods and assignments (while not sacrificing quality) can save you time and actually improve your feedback to students. » [Full Article]

Creating Your Own Stock Photos with Your iPhone: A camera app review

By Tracy Parish / July 6, 2012

The struggle to find images that balance cost effectiveness for the client along with relevancy to the learner is an all too familiar encounter instructional designers face. To solve this need instructional designers are creating their own collection of stock images using what's at hand; their iPhones. Choosing the right app for the task can be a daunting one, but here Tracy Parish reviews 11 different apps that will help make the amateur photographer look like a pro and expand their image resources. » [Full Article]

Rapid Power Tools: The top performers of eLearning authoring software

By Judy Unrein / May 22, 2012

Not all authoring tools are created equal. Some require programming skills and a long lead time for development, others are too simplistic to effectively address all of your needs. Enter "rapid power tools." They are easy to use and powerful enough to to create custom learning experiences. In this article, Judy Unrein looks at what's available on the market. Find out which ones make the cut. » [Full Article]

App Throwdown: Writing on the iPad

By Brian Dusablon / May 19, 2011

The increasing popularity of tablet computers—overwhelmingly, now, the iPad in particular—brings hundreds of choices about applications ("apps") promising improved productivity and ease of tasks. » [Full Article]


By Chelsea Pollen / October 26, 2010

» [Full Article]

Online Learning 101: Part III

By Susan Landay / June 1, 2010

In this exclusive three-part series, Susan Landay of Trainers Warehouse has been identifying the best ways for face-to-face trainers to add a component of e-learning to their repertoire, without the assistance of a fancy IT team or tens of thousands of dollars of investment. In Part I, she focused on tools for authoring and course development. In Part II, she looked at software for games and interactive learning. Here in Part III, she finishes with learning-management systems and conferencing applications to conduct live webinars. » [Full Article]

Virtual reference toolkit 2.0

By Henrietta Thornton-Verma / June 1, 2004

» [Full Article]

Evaluating Software From a Learning-Theory Perspective

By Jennafer Kuhns / November 27, 2002

Educational gaming software is extremely adaptable to almost any teaching environment--from elementary school to college, novice to expert, cognitive to behavioral, and from the physical classroom to the virtual classroom. Presented is a review of just one of these gaming software products: RollerCoaster Tycoon. » [Full Article]

Blackboard 5

By Margarita Elorriaga / March 1, 2002

» [Full Article]