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App Throwdown: Writing on the iPad

By Brian Dusablon / May 2011

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  • Thu, 04 Aug 2011
    Post by Stephen Martin

    It doesn't meet one of your criteria cleanly (DropBox integration), but I really do like Pages. You can add DropBox functionality by setting up DropDav, but that's extra work.

  • Mon, 27 Jun 2011
    Post by Brian Dusablon

    Thanks for the response, Brian. I see this more an issue with the old Windows Notepad (which uses Windows line breaks instead of UNIX-style line breaks) than with PlainText. I switched to Notepad++ a long time ago as my default text editor in Windows. You can also use WordPad.

    I'll definitely check out Daedulus as well. I like the paper stack in that app. However, it is $3.99, while PlainText is free.

  • Wed, 22 Jun 2011
    Post by Brian Sharland

    The only issue I have with Plaintext is that when you look at the text files it creates in Dropbox they do not preserve line breaks added in Plaintext. This means I can't work on files on my PC which downgrades dropbox to merley backup rather than cross platform support which is what I would have hoped to have.

    Take a look at Daedulus - much better