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Not Just for Students: Mobile Teacher Professional Development

By Mary Burns / March 26, 2015

Mobile phones are emerging as an important professional learning vehicle for the millions of teachers who lack access to computers and technology and their use as teacher professional development tools is expanding. This article shares some examples of how simple mobile phones provide teachers in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia with access to content, language instruction, and curriculum. While the mobile phone is a promising tool for teacher learning, the article outlines some of the challenges associated with mobile learning and cautions against the temptation to abandon or reduce face-to-face interventions (when possible) in favor of phone-based learning. » [Full Article]
TAGS: Digital Literacy, Mobile Learning

Do Online Courses Help or Hinder English Language Learners' Experience With Math Credit Recovery?

By Boris Costa-Guerra, Leslie Costa-Guerra / March 25, 2015

As online learning enrollments continue to grow, the conversation has shifted from the value of online learning to what tools students should be using and in what capacity. The benefits of having such a variety of options are immense and allow schools to meet the needs of individual learners no matter where they are. However, are all of the outcomes from online learning positive? How is online learning effective for English language learners (ELLs) in mathematics? » [Full Article]
TAGS: Program Evaluation

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Why Instructor Satisfaction Cannot be Ignored

By David Dietrich / February 13, 2015

eLearning is a teaching method that is popular in higher education, with institutions and students looking to take advantage of this increasingly more available educational option. An important factor of effective online education that is often overlooked in the research of eLearning involves the satisfaction of online instructors. This article looks at instructor satisfaction in terms of its importance (impact on instructors, students, and institutions), the variables that impact it, and methods to increase it. » [Full Article]
TAGS: Program Evaluation, Theories and Principles

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Knowing Me, Knowing You

By Karen Kear, Frances Chetwynd, Helen Jefferis / February 13, 2015

Some learners find online environments impersonal, but are personal profiles the solution? » [Full Article]
TAGS: Learning Platforms, Program Evaluation, Social Learning


Learning Technologies Then and Now

By Mark Notess / February 6, 2015

Bill Ferster's latest book, Teaching Machines: Learning from the Intersection of Education and Technology, explores the history of self-directed learning, from correspondence courses to MOOCs. If you're new to the educational technology landscape, this book is a thought-provoking introduction. » [Full Article]
TAGS: News and Trends

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How Mentors Can Improve Online Graduate Student Attrition Rates

By Narjis Hyder, Judith Gilliam / January 26, 2015

Do higher levels of mentoring support contribute to a successful academic graduate career? This article tackles mentoring for online graduate students and its relation to attrition rates focusing on: the benefits of successful mentoring, challenges of online mentoring programs, a review of a model of an online mentoring program, and establishing mentor-mentee relationships. » [Full Article]
TAGS: Needs Analysis, News and Trends


A Wake up Call for Practitioners

By Helen Blunden / January 26, 2015

With organizations facing many challenges today, what role does the learning professional have to play? And how can they help their organization succeed in todays changing business world? » [Full Article]
TAGS: Lifelong Learning, News and Trends

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Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling

By B. Jean Mandernach, Kelly Palese-Sanderson / January 14, 2015

The growth of online learning mandates that institutions evaluate instructional effectiveness to ensure students receive a high-quality educational experience. While a number of rubrics exist to benchmark best practices in online teaching, advances in learning management technology are expanding opportunities for utilizing data analytics to effectively and efficiently monitor instructional quality. At present, learning management systems can track logins, activity patterns and time-on-task, but this represents only a fraction the possibilities. Predictive modeling may soon allow for more integrated analytics that can quickly and easily inform evaluations of online teaching. » [Full Article]
TAGS: News and Trends, Program Evaluation

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Study Reveals New Challenges for Online College Administrators

By Rachel Wang / January 14, 2015

College administrators, who are seeking to improve their recruiting and retention methods will benefit from a new report released by The Learning House and Aslanian Market Research. Online College Students 2014: Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences delves into data about this new type of student. This article highlights several points from the study that are relevant to college administrators. » [Full Article]
TAGS: Lifelong Learning, News and Trends, Program Evaluation