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Accessibility Features

The eLearn website is designed and coded with the goal of making it accessible to everyone. This page provides information on specific features that facilitate access.

Using the Features of this Site

Keyboard Accessibility
This site can be navigated with the keyboard. In most web browsers, it is possible to use the TAB key to select links on each page. Press the TAB key until your desired link has a rectangle around it, then press ENTER (or RETURN) to follow that link. On pages with forms, the TAB key can be used to move from one input field to the next.

This site has been tested against the accessibility standards established by the U.S. federal government's Section 508  and the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

This site has been tested on both PC and Macintosh platforms on various versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

Accessibility Resources

ACM's Special Interest Group on Accessible Computing, SIGACCESS, promotes the interests of professionals working on research and development of computing and information technology to help persons with disabilities. 

Section 508
Web site for Federal employees and the public to access resources for understanding and implementing the requirements of Section 508.

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Web site by the World Wide Web Consortium focusing on the pursuit of web accessibility through five primary areas of work: technology, guidelines, tools, education and outreach, and research and development.

Your Comments

We are committed to improving the accessibility of this site. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or access difficulties by contacting us.