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2018 Special Issue on Technology in eLearning

Instructional Technology to Impact eLearning

This Special Issue explores teaching and learning with an emphasis on the practical value and impact of instructional technology in the online classroom. As such, articles feature critical reflection analysis, case studies, and classroom innovations that utilize instructional technology to enhance the online learning experience. The goal of this Special Issue is to inspire integration of instructional technology to foster elearning effectiveness.

eLearn Magazine would like to acknowledge Dr. B. Jean Mandernach of Grand Canyon University, who served as the Special Issue Editor. 


Table of Contents

Introductory Editorial

Instructional Technology: Avoiding the Golden Hammer
By B. Jean Mandernach


#teachingwithtwitter: Tweeting to Foster Online Engagement and Learning
By Catherine Honig

Standing Out: Online Content Marketing for Online Programs
By Ted Cross & Laura Polk

Optimizing Feedback Delivery with Text-Expanders
By Heather Moore

Learning is Social with Zoom Video Conferencing in your Classroom
By Jane Sutterlin

Using Texting Tools to Reinforce Communication in the Online Classroom
By Shelley Evans, Marny Rhodes, and Alecia Anderton

Asynchronous Video-Based Discussions in the Online Classroom
By Katrina M. Wehr

Screencasting Technology to Increase Engagement in Online Higher Education Courses
By Shaunna Waltemeyer and Jeff Cranmore

Using Flipgrid to Increase Students’ Connectedness in an Online Class
By Michelle Bartlett

Adaptive Hypermedia Content
By Derek Luch

Using Screen Recording Platforms to Increase Instructor Presence in an Online Classroom
By Seanan Kelly and Charles Banaszewski

Learning Efficiency of Video Based Learning
By Shulong Yan and Emily Baxter

Using Multimodal, Asynchronous Discussion Forums in Public (aka: Why My Students Blog)
By Nicole M. Zumpano

Integrating Technology: An Innovative Approach to Improving Online Discussion Boards
By Frederick R. Kates, Hanadi Hamadi, Malcolm M. Kates, Samantha A. Larson, and George Raul Audi

Web Conferencing Supports the Wake Tech High School Equivalency Program
By Chris Roddenberry and Maria Fister

Using "Code Words": A Simple Gamification Technique to Guide Students to Instructor Personalized Resources
By John Steele and Samia Humphrey