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2021 Special Issue Advancing Beyond Multiple Choice eAssessment

This special issue curates insights from the Beyond Multiple Choice  2020 conference speakers about the trends, research, and technologies guiding the future of eAssessment—and the contexts for how it can be equitably applied to facilitate learning achievement. As the shift to eLearning accelerates, so too does the need for online assessment that can reveal and direct learning progress. This has presented both opportunities and challenges for policymakers, curriculum and assessment designers, and educators.

eLearn Magazine would like to acknowledge Brian Moon the chief technology officer for Perigean Technologies, president of Sero! Learning Assessments, and cofounder of BMC. Moon served as the Special Issue Editor. 

Table of Contents

eLearn Magazine Special Issue: Beyond Multiple Choice
By Brian Moon 

Challenges for Introducing Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Efficiency of a Next Generation Assessment Approach
By Brian Moon, Farima Bayat, Sneha Nair, and Andrew Slaughter
Conference Review: Beyond Multiple Choice 2020
By Kristine Hadeed
A Future of Assessment Without Testing
Kristen DiCerbo with Graham Hudson
Remote Proctoring? Step Up Your Game and Put the Learner First
By Geoff Chapman 
Exploring Performance Testing in Certification: Lessons Learned and key insights from Microsoft
By Liberty Munson and Manfred Straehle
The Future of Assessment Depends on Elevating Culturally Diverse Leadership
By Susan Lyons
Beyond Multiple-Choice with Digital Assessments
By Okan Bulut
Adaptive Knowledge Assessment using Advanced Concept Maps with Logic Branching Multiple Choice-Google Forms
By António Fonseca and Hugo Faria