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Call for Proposals: eLearn Magazine Special Issue

ABCs of Online Teaching and Learning: A glossary of modern e-learning principles and strategies

Prospective authors are invited to submit articles for an upcoming special issue of eLearn Magazine, “ABCs of Online Teaching and Learning.” This special issue will offer a comprehensive, alphabetical exploration of key concepts in digital education. Each letter of the alphabet serves as an innovative organizational tool, guiding readers on topics from A for asynchronous learning—detailing best practices in accommodating varied schedules and time zones—through Z for zone of proximal development—which explores the application and significance of this educational theory in the realm of online learning. Each article will elucidate a keyword or phrase, creating an extensive glossary of modern e-learning principles and strategies.

The goal of this special issue is to create an inclusive and comprehensive exploration of essential concepts in digital education, effectively structured through an alphabetical framework. We aim to provide readers with a valuable, practically-oriented guide that covers the breadth of e-learning by linking each letter of the alphabet to a critical keyword or concept in the domain. By focusing on specific instructional technologies and their role in e-learning, we hope to deliver pragmatic insights and innovative strategies that enhance online teaching and learning. Ultimately, our goal is to support and inspire educators, policy makers, and researchers in navigating and contributing to the rapidly evolving world of online education.

Prospective authors interested in contributing to this special issue are encouraged to submit manuscripts that distinctly identify a target letter and corresponding keyword pivotal to online pedagogy. In line with the issue's emphasis on practical utility, each article should focus on a specific instructional technology, theory, or pedagogy and examine its role in e-learning, offering an insightful analysis of its implementation and impacts.

The Special Issue seeks to feature fresh, original material that includes critical reflections, case studies, and innovative instructional techniques leveraging technology to enhance online learning experiences. While it is not mandatory for submissions to incorporate original data or research, it is crucial that all articles remain firmly anchored in relevant literature. Submissions should elucidate their discussions and findings using established theory, evidence, or prior research, thereby ensuring a scholarly and practical contribution to the ever-evolving field of online education. Authors should thus strive to weave together theory and practice, providing a well-rounded, grounded perspective on the identified keyword and its role in the digital learning landscape.

Overview of Topics for the Special Issue

As part of the unique approach to organizing this special issue, "ABCs of Online Teaching and Learning," we have implemented a pre-approval process for authors to "claim" their keyword. This ensures a diverse array of topics and prevents multiple submissions for the same keyword. Here's how it works:

  1. Authors first review the list of potential keywords linked with each letter of the alphabet, then decide on the keyword they wish to write about.
  2. They then submit a keyword claim form via This form includes the chosen keyword, a brief rationale explaining why this keyword is of interest, and an outline of the instructional technology to be addressed. The form also requires the authors' contact information.
  3. The editorial team reviews the claim form to check the suitability of the topic and its fit within the broader special issue. If the keyword is already claimed, authors will be informed and encouraged to select a different keyword.
  4. Once the claim is approved, authors receive a confirmation email with further instructions for manuscript submission. This approval secures their keyword for the special issue.

This pre-approval step is designed to streamline the submission process, guarantee a wide-ranging exploration of online teaching and learning, and ensure every article provides unique insights and value to our readers.


  • Claim form submission deadline: March 1, 2024
  • Article submission deadline: May 31, 2024

Reflecting the unique structure of this special issue, "ABCs of Online Teaching and Learning," the focus extends beyond merely outlining broad best practices. Instead, it aims to provide tangible advice, specific strategies, and valuable resources to augment e-learning in higher education. In adherence to the alphabetical framework of this issue, all contributions should identify and delve into a specific instructional technology associated with a chosen letter and keyword. Each article is expected to meticulously examine this technology's influence, merit, and potential in the online classroom, thereby offering readers a nuanced and practical understanding of various e-learning tools and methodologies within the wider landscape of online education.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

Contact Information

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Special Issue Editor: B. Jean Mandernach, PhD; Grand Canyon University (; 308.293.1252)