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2019 Special Issue "Paradigm Shifts in Global Higher Education and eLearning"

The world in the digital knowledge age has changed, and education is not immune to these changes. In a time when online technologies, networked learning spaces, mobile devices, cloud computing, and many other innovative tools have penetrated our lives and resulted in a paradigm shift. Therefore, we need to revisit what is known about the current state of the art in higher education and e-learning. The special issue aims to reflect changes in global higher education with a special focus on e-learning.

eLearn Magazine would like to acknowledge Dr. Aras Bozkurt of Anadolu University and Dr. Amy Hilbelink of Laureate International Education who served as the Guest Editors.

Table of Contents

Introductory Editorial

Paradigm Shifts in Global Higher Education and e-learning: An ecological perspective
Dr. Aras Bozkurt nd Dr. Amy Hilbelink


A Commentary on the Paradigm Shift Toward Openness in Higher Education
By Dr. Suzan Koseoglu

Rethinking Lurking
By Apostolos Koutropoulos, Sarah Honeychurch, and Lenandlar Singh

Findings on Modeling as Impact to Practice from the HumanMOOC
By Dr. Heather Robinson, Maha Al-Freih, Whitney Kilgore, and Patrice Torcivia Prusko.

Intentionally Equitable Hospitality in Hybrid Video Dialogue: The Context of Virtually Connecting
By Dr. Maha Bali, Ms. Autumm Caines, Ms. Rebecca J. Hogue, Ms. Helen J. DeWaard, and Mr. Christian Friedrich

Multicultural Sensitivity in Course Design 
By Dr. Amy Hilbelink

Be Motivated and Motivate”: Interview with John M. Keller for eLearn Magazine 
Dr. Hasan Ucar and Dr. Alper Tolga Kumtepe

A Messaging Framework for Online Educator
By Dr. Karen Gebhardt and Kelly McKenna

Makerspaces in Higher Education: An overview 
By Mr. Brian Meyer

SVU-VOSE: A hybrid model of Virtual, Open, and Socially-driven learning Environment 
By Prof. Khalil Ajami and Ola Haidar

The Future of Education: Transforming higher education with integrated competency-based education
By Dr. Lisa Bosman

Blended Learning Research: Components Critical to Student Learning from a Meta-Analysis 
By Dr. Leslie Cordie

Digital Transformation in Higher Education—Buzzword or Opportunity? 
By Dr. Cerstin Mahlow and Andreas Hediger