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Jane's Gems: 25 Free Resources for Learning a Language Online

By Jane Hart / November 2011

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  • Mon, 06 Apr 2015
    Post by DaRajib

    Hello! Thank you for your article. Id like to try to compare it to my previous experience of learning German through Skype on online classes. I did around 10 conversations over Skype with a native speaker from And I was pretty satisfied with their Quality. I think they have a strong teaching quality, following their course curriculum now I can speak German like a native they also provide home tutors, but I Want to try another option.

  • Sun, 11 Dec 2011
    Post by Marc Tirel


    Have a look to this "Ted Talk":

    and you may want to add to your list this promissing resource :


  • Wed, 30 Nov 2011
    Post by Ulrike Rettig

    Your article and list are a great resource for language learning! I grew up in a bilingual home (German and Dutch), but learned my next foreign language (French) in school with traditional materials (textbook grammar and memorization of word lists). My first trip to France found me tongue-tied because I didn't have the language to deal with daily practical situations. Several years ago, I learned Italian just using audio lessons. When I arrived in Italy for a 5 month stay, I had no clue how to read and write Italian, and I used the French sound system as a reference (with some strange results). With the explosion of innovative technology available on the Internet, learning a language has become a totally different process. Yes, it's nice to be in the country to soak up the "sound and feel" of a language. But, as a second choice, the Internet is a huge resource. You can pick and choose ways to learn that work for you; you can listen, read, write, speak to your heart's content; you can surround yourself with your new language using various Internet content; you can practice your pronunciation, record your own voice, etc. Being a language educator myself, my mission is to get Americans excited about foreign language learning with GamesforLanguage. I'm using a CMS program that I myself can load with content. I try out ways to teach traditional things in a new way: pronunciation, grammar, reading, speaking, listening comprehension. Language is a rich medium to engage in and learning thrives on being engaged.