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Jane's Gems: Working Smarter in Terra Nova Circa 2015

By Jay Cross, Jane Hart, Jon Husband, Harold Jarche, Charles Jennings, Clark Quinn / September 2010

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  • Wed, 29 Sep 2010
    Post by Leah MacVie

    There are so many things to reflect on in here. First, I think we can look to our own dying cities to see that this is true. My city, Buffalo, is a great example. Agricultural Age: manual labor by individual farmers (8,000 BCE1760) Industrial Age: machine-assisted manual labor in factories (17601949 Information Age: white-collar knowledge work in offices (19492012 Terra Nova: creative collaborative innovation in networks (2012 ) the buffalo area was agricultural through the 1800s, then it morphed into an industrial town, we are presently in the dying information age, and it will be the, what you have coined as, Terra Nova that will help put humpty dumpty back together again, hopefully.

    You cited Pink's 'Drive', but in 'A whole New Mind' he best refers to the Right Brain taking the lead. We can only hope that the future leaders will have an incredible balance between the Right and Left brain. We can't ever forget that they need each other.

    Lastly-I wanted to comment on the evolution of the LMS. We've been having this conversation around the office lately, and I've come to the conclusion that the major players aren't doing enough to adapt to what we need them to be able to do- they aren't adapting for the future. LMSs like Blackboard and eCollege will probably fall to underdogs like Haiku, simply for the fact that Haiku is already accounting for more Web 2.0 applications and DESIGN. I also see Google coming out/perfecting their LMS system in years to come.