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Learning Technologies Podcast

Ellen Wagner hosts the "Learning Technologies Podcast," which features observations on the digital transformation of learning systems.  It is for individuals and organizations who are searching for information and guidance to maximize learning outcomes and results from ed tech implementations. She explores the trends and topics driving innovations that can have a direct positive impact on learning and performance support and we advise learning decision-makers on effective adoption, optimization and standardization strategies for putting learning tech solutions to work.

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Episode #1 What is Learning Engineering
An interview with Erin Czerwinski, Carnegie Mellon University

This is an interview with Erin Czerwinski, Manager, Learning Engineering and TEL Products at Carnegie Mellon University, and Sr. Learning Engineer at Resilient Cognitive Solutions. Erin describes her work as a learning engineer, and describes how she uses data, modeling, measurement and instrumentatio to design and develop and improve learning content, courses, products and experiences.

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