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Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: Best Practices and Principles for Instructors
Development of online distributed training: Practical considerations and lessons learned

By Eileen B. Entin, Jason Sidman, Lisa Neal Gualtieri / September 2009

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  • Thu, 31 Jan 2008
    Post by SB

    It is right that effective advertisement is not much diffrent from education. There is a thin line separating them and this has been put to good use in India. In fact they not only educate but also take education to the masses.In India public awareness about contemporary social issues like AIDS, need to practise economy in using water, need for sending children to school, etc. are publicised succesfully through the print and especially through the electronic media. The political parties too advertise their messages and even indulge in mudslinging activities against each other through cunningly designed advertisements. However, advertisements do have a diffrence from education. They are propagandas that may be for the welfare of the people or for promoting self interests. True education can never be for the latter cause.