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Lights, Camera, Learn!: Five tips for using video in eLearning

By Veronica Phillips / April 2012

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  • Thu, 07 Jul 2016
    Post by Eran

    Love the article. Very informative and pragmatic. This is one of the areas that I find really exciting, so I have a few other tips about using videos in eLearning I can share: 1. Ensure that the information can be easily absorbed and be very memorable. 2. Videos should be compressed, so that users than download them easily. 3. Videos should thought provoking. 4. Videos should be well produced, with good quality sound, images and acting. That doesnt necessarily mean huge costs. 5. If possible, try to use real actors instead of employees. 6. Try to make the video downloadable from multiple e-locations. 7. Be creative. Eran