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e-Learning Optimism

By Bob Little / December 2009

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  • Sun, 17 Jan 2010
    Post by Cindy Wolfe

    E-learning is here to stay - although the methods of delivery will change as technology changes. This report delivers some interesting statistics, including the growth rate forecast as 6.7% to 8% (p. 17). Of note is the phrase, "just in time learning" which could lead to a real change in curriculum, including a requirement for relativity in the classroom. Social networking tools are being integrated successfully in e-learning. We need to be careful that we build on pedogogical principles - learners continue to need to learn "how to learn" as well as "learn." With all of the new tools available to the distance learning educator, are we loosing sight of rich course content? Thanks, Bob, for the commentary on the "other" side of learning - profitability.