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3 e-Learning Technologies to Watch

By Bob Little / February 2010

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  • Thu, 15 Jul 2010
    Post by Joshua Kim

    Mark...great interview. A really good complement to Anya's book. From reading this I came away with a couple of thoughts:

    1. Anya would be a great choice to Keynote our conferences.

    2. Anya would benefit from having to put her ideas into practice. I've been involved in a few efforts to create new opportunities, models and environments for post-secondary credentialing where technology is a significant enabler (I'm involved in one now). What you learn is that you can't be a purist. Actually creating something new is hard and messy. I wonder how Anya's thoughts would evolve if she was less of an outsider to the creation of process of hybrid and online programs. My feeling is that she would be both more realistic and more hopeful.

    Great interview.....Josh