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Memorable Debriefs for Memory and Retention

By Susan Doctoroff Landay / May 2011

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  • Mon, 24 Jun 2013
    Post by JTS

    I like the way you do the "mechanics" of the session or class, and, I could see where, over a longer-duration series-of-courses, (even a semester's worth) that these "DEBRIEF" and "RETENTION" ideals could be incorporated over a few months of training/learning/education. Not to be too whimsical about it, but, "thought-provoking" in education comes to mind, when trying to think of my own title for this story/lesson. I found some interesting techniques in coercing my brain to focus, retain, speculate and then, reiterate while still maintaining the "useful" and sifting through the "possibly-unnecessary". Thank you for your insight into the learning possibilities of DEBRIEF and RETENTION.