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Five Questions for Pat Agre

By Lisa Gualtieri / May 2009

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  • Thu, 31 May 2007
    Post by Paz de Torres

    Totally agree with your statements, the issue is that on paper we always get agreeing on, but in reality the how-to´s are blocking to make it happen. Education sector is isolated to realities, such as productivity, sustainable investments and effective quality standards. Foundations working in this arena know too well this. And we still haven´t found the key to breakthrough and get to next level. It would be important to make society aware of this. Despite what Foudnations can say, it is from other institutions as well where the voices must come.

  • Thu, 16 Nov 2006
    Post by Edward Flowers

    Person-person learning, especially in the beginning grades, is extremely important in social skills development. It seems to me that the teacher salaries in the lower grades should be the highest of all. Technology has an important part at all levels, but it must not hinder social development. Middle school children gave, nearly unanimously, these 3 things as critically important: Responsibility Respect Recognition.

  • Mon, 30 Oct 2006
    Post by Lisa Neal

    Fascinating column, Kay. I just saw that The Federation of American Scientists released a report "Harnessing the power of video games for learning" - how does this fit in to your perspective on technology and learning?