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An Interview with Jack E. Kosakowski of JA Worldwide

By Lisa Gualtieri, Jack E. Kosakowski / April 2010

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  • Sat, 10 Oct 2009
    Post by Katherine Bolman

    Roger, good to see you. I remember finding you in the 90's I am creating an online course which I wish history teachers would. It is a history of art around the world and would add depth to their courses. it is of course underdevelopment. So my question is how can we get them to find and review the course or think about the importance of the art of the time as a way to deepen the critical thinking that is so important for students understanding of history? As usual this is a great article. May I publish it on my website under Some interesting ideas? The site is

  • Mon, 21 Sep 2009
    Post by Dick Carlson

    "Learning to plan therefore has two components: being able to create a plan from scratch and being able to modify an existing plan for new purposes."

    As an Instructional Designer, I can't remember the last time that I really designed a course "from scratch". I'm always re-using previous ideas and models that worked well, and just plugging in new content or learning goals. I'll always try some new ideas, but most of what I do builds on what worked well before. I suppose that's "how I learn".

    (BTW, I find it amazingly ironic that a comments box in "eLearning Magazine" doesn't allow any HTML or a link to my blog. What year are you folks in, anyway?)