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An Interview with Jane Bozarth

By Lisa Gualtieri / December 2010

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  • Fri, 17 Dec 2010
    Post by Donna Gilliland

    Wonderful interview. I am a trainer and speaker who finds Jane inspirational. I had the pleasure of Jane being my guest on my monthly tweet chat - EngageSMChat. Very fun and insightful tweet chat.

  • Thu, 16 Dec 2010
    Post by Steve Maul

    Jane was a recent speaker at our the ASTD Atlanta chapter meeting and I'm in the process of reading her book, Social Media for Trainers. As she says in her interview, it's about practical application and use of SoMe in the workplace learning environment and goes beyond only the obvious tools that get all the publicity. The topics that Jane has cataloged are immediately usable by my development team and it's been a great prompter for how we take our training content and platforms to the next level.