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Moving mathematics online

By Carmen Latterell, Heather Kahler / December 1, 2003

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Expectations of Privacy

By Lisa Neal / September 24, 2003

In the educational realm, privacy policies, trust models, and improved practices would benefit students, instructors, and institutions. » [Full Article]

Is Instructional Design Becoming a Commodity?

By Jerry Murphy / September 8, 2003

The ascension of Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) and their increasingly automated authoring processes may be marginalizing the craft, if not the science, of instructional design. All the templates, wizards, and other productivity tools that come bundled into the leading LCMS platforms have certainly made it easier to assemble and deploy structured learning content. » [Full Article]

Five Technological Considerations When Choosing an E-Learning Solution

By Karl M. Kapp / July 11, 2003

This article looks at different e-learning technologies and briefly discusses the pros and cons of each. It then explains five technology characteristics that you should look for when selecting an e-learning solution, Regardless of whether your focus is academic or corporate. » [Full Article]

Building Innovative Corporate Learning Beyond the Workplace

By Robin Stricklin / July 9, 2003

Presented is a case stud on Delta Air Lines' Delta U, a three pronged program designed to support continuous learning for employees through formal education beyond the workplace. » [Full Article]

Lessons For Life

By Jenny Preece / June 12, 2003

Children require engaging, carefully written and well-targeted material, with easy access to additional details. They need tools that enable them to create, discuss, respond, and analyze news and stories. Easy access to safe forums, blogs, and moderated chats could make a difference. » [Full Article]

A Meeting of the Minds

By Marisa E. Campbell / June 11, 2003

In the halls of Denver University, over 1,500 miles away, undergraduate students are speaking one-on-one with the likes of Bob Dole, Dee Dee Myers, and Newt Gingrich via satellite from C-Span's Distance Learning studio in Washington D.C. These students are part of a five-year experiment named the Amos B. Hostetter Distance Learning Program, which began early last year and is being funded by cable pioneer Amos B. Hostetter. » [Full Article]

Learning through asynchronous discussions

By Narasimha Bolloju, Robert Davison / June 1, 2003

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One Path to the Blog

By Ray Shroeder / June 1, 2003

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Instructional design for flow in online learning

By Sandra C. Ceraulo / May 1, 2003

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Keep it simple

By Richard Seltzer / May 1, 2003

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Do it yourself

By Lisa Neal / May 1, 2003

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Q&A with Diana Laurillard

By Lisa Neal / March 1, 2003

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Designing for Learners, Designing for Users

By Dave Smulders / February 3, 2003

While considerable time is rightly devoted to the development of learning outcomes, goals, activities, and assignments for the online environment, there is little or no consideration for making that environment transparent enough so that learners can engage in the learning activities instead of having to take a crash course in overcoming idiosyncratic interface design. The trouble comes from not recognizing the distinction between the roles of user and learner in the online environment. » [Full Article]


By Dori Digenti / February 1, 2003

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Predictions For 2003

By Lisa Neal / January 3, 2003

How will eLearning change this year? eLearn contacted practitioners in the field for their thoughts on what 2003 may bring. » [Full Article]