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The Art of Aligning Business Expectations with Learning Effectiveness

By Chris Jennings / December 19, 2013

In the first in a series of articles about building a an effective online training and certification program based on principles practiced at Google, Chris Jennings discusses how to get stakeholders on board when it comes time to invest in eLearning. » [Full Article]

Infographics: A visual link to learning

By Nathan Bellato / December 10, 2013

In a world of information overload, infographics are fast becoming a powerful learning tool in the context of the modern day learner. In this article we look at the concept of infographics and explore the ways these visually engaging mediums can become not only an effective learning tool, but advantageous to your learner. » [Full Article]

Online Training for the Online Instructor

By Katura M. Lesane / November 26, 2013

Institutions across the nation are developing online education programs that offer learners access to higher education. In addition to increased access for learners, instructors have increased access to career opportunities through online learning environments. With this access for instructors comes the responsibility of institutions to properly train instructors with skills necessary to educate the growing number of learners. This article focuses on the before, during, and after training strategies institutions should employ to prepare instructors for online teaching. » [Full Article]

eLearning: From the enclosure to the global learning commons

By David Price / November 21, 2013

In assessing the impact of eLearning, and the disruption of formal learning, David Price has devised six imperatives of social learning, which he describes as values, motivations, and actions that make social learning exciting. The challenge for eLearning is to incorporate these characteristics into online learning programs. » [Full Article]

The New Learners

By Laura Layton-James / November 19, 2013

Society has changed considerably over the last 50 years or so with considerable shifts in lifestyle. There is no longer a traditional family, a traditional employee, or a traditional student. In her new book, Tracey Wilen-Daugenti explores these changes and how technology can and is helping education adapt to meet the needs of today's society. » [Full Article]

Five Reasons to Download Adobe Presenter

By Craig Wiggins / November 7, 2013

In this review, Craig Wiggins takes a look at Adobe Presenter 9 and weighs the values of its new features. » [Full Article]

Macro vs. Micro? Arguing for the Whole and Not the Chunk!

By Nirupama Akella / October 30, 2013

Has micro-designing of online courses in higher education become more important than macro-designing the online course? Has chunking of content surpassed the need to be holistic enabling deep learning and comprehension? This discussive position paper offers an insight into macro and micro designing of online courses in contemporary higher education, with able support from two case studies and Reigeluth's elaboration theory. » [Full Article]

From One-to-one to Many-to-many: Powering peer learning in open learning environments

By Preetha Ram / October 24, 2013

Social learning platforms improve the learning experience for online learners when they are built for collaboration and community. Social and peer tutoring interactions lead to enduring relationships between members, which in turn keep the members engaged in the pursuit of their goals. When peer learners teach one another, work collaboratively on a problem, interact socially, and build relationships with each other, they then develop a sense of belonging and make the behavioral transition from disengage to engaged learners. OpenStudy is a social learning platform that offers a much-needed informal online learning space, and connects learners who help one another. » [Full Article]

Improving Motivation in eLearning

By Matt Guyan / October 8, 2013

Learner motivation is an important aspect of the overall learning experience. This article looks at Ryan and Deci's self-determination theory and how satisfying learner's basic psychological needs can lead to greater internalization of their motivation towards eLearning courses. » [Full Article]

Alicia Sanchez: A review of recent games research

By Jane Bozarth / September 30, 2013

Alicia Sanchez is a regular fixture at conferences where she presents highlights and key findings on current research related to gaming and online learning. Collected in this overview are six studies that address the characteristics of and impact of games. In this inteview, Dr. Sanchez shares her thoughts on the use of games in online learning. » [Full Article]

Synchronous Learning: Is there a future?

By Martin Sivula / September 26, 2013

Over the last several years many studies have addressed eLearning, and 'distance education,' by asynchronous learning methods. This survey research study applies principles of augmented or mediated reality together with Blackboard's Wimba collaborative tool to explore students perceptions of the effectiveness of the synchronous classroom. Students were able to self-select their favored method of instruction by using principles of observation research: full participant (on a computer at home); participant-observer (on laptop in class); and observer-participant (in class observing and participating, no laptop). Davis (1986) Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Rogers' (1995) Diffusion of Innovations (DOI) were used to guide the creation of a survey instrument utilizing Google Drive's Form tool. » [Full Article]

eLearning and Digital Cultures: A multitudinous open online course

By Jeremy Knox / September 24, 2013

The fields of eLearning and distance education are long established, as are cultures of openness in tutoring and institutional instruction. So what's new about MOOCs? This article considers what huge enrollment numbers and an increasingly global audience mean for education in the digital age. » [Full Article]

The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Connie Malamed

By Rick Raymer / September 19, 2013

Connie Malamed shares her inner vision in this final interview of 'The Rock Stars of eLearning' series. » [Full Article]

Online Done Right: The importance of human interaction for student success

By Jayson M. Boyers / September 12, 2013

Though more connected than any previous generation, many online learners report feeling something is missing from their educational experience. A quality online course provides the scheduling flexibility of distance learning, but does so with a reasonable student-professor ratio that makes interaction and connection possible. Boyers opines on why engagement matters. » [Full Article]

Provision Mapping for Online Learning Environments: Is it possible and can it work?

By Anita Devi / September 11, 2013

In this case study, Anita Devi profiles the approach adopted by an online academy, Nisai Virtual Academy (UK), to introduce provision management, provision mapping, and provision maps in order to enhance the learning environment for the learner and to ensure it is used to its maximum potential. » [Full Article]

The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Karl Kapp

By Rick Raymer / September 5, 2013

Pushing boundaries is the sign of a true rock n roller, although marching to the beat of your own drum doesn't hurt. Frank Zappa did it for music, and Karl Kapp is doing it for eLearning. » [Full Article]

The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Judy Katz

By Rick Raymer / August 28, 2013

Look at your feet. What do you see? Perhaps you see the power to move, but beyond that, it could be a reminder of the power to be moved. In this installment of "The Rock Stars of eLearning," Judy Katz discusses her passions, advice for instructional designers, and how the eLearning industry needs to evolve. » [Full Article]

Mobilizing Knowledge to Create Convenient Learning Moments

By Chanin Ballance / August 22, 2013

Employees are craving convenient learning moments between meetings, at home or in transit. By providing access to relevant information on-demand, organizations can improve time-management, boost performance and increase productivity. But, successfully mobilizing knowledge requires a special skillset. This article explains how to make information available on any device--smartphone, laptop, PC--in a way that is effective and engaging. » [Full Article]

Yammer in the Classroom

By Victoria Raish / August 22, 2013

Having a debate is a very effective way of engaging students with the class material that requires higher-level thinking skills such as creation, synthesis, reformulation, and communication of original ideas. The traditional face-to-face debate is difficult to transition to a completely asynchronous virtual learning environment. Using a social media platform in a Learning, Design, and Technology course at Penn State University allowed virtual students to engage emotively with the material in the same manner as their residential peers. » [Full Article]

The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Tracy Bissette

By Rick Raymer / August 13, 2013

With an indie spirit and an artist's soul, Tracy Bissette is one of the most talented instructional designers in our industry, which is why she is an eLearning Rock Star. » [Full Article]

The Accidental Student

By Maria L. Hughes / August 8, 2013

In this editorial, Maria L. Hughes discusses her first-hand experience with MOOCs as a Coursera student. » [Full Article]

Transition from Tradition: 9 Tips for successfully moving your face-to-face course online

By Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza / July 31, 2013

Many successful face-to-face educators who are interested in moving their courses online feel overwhelmed by the prospect of transitioning to a virtual delivery format. This article offers a set of practical tips to address some of the most common challenges of this process and make the teaching of online courses constructive and enjoyable for students and teachers alike. » [Full Article]

The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Reuben Tozman

By Rick Raymer / July 29, 2013

Leadership and vision are characteristics of most influential people, and Reuben Tozman has these qualities in spades. » [Full Article]

Book Review: 'The Connected Company' by Dave Gray

By Clark Quinn / July 24, 2013

In this review, Clark Quinn sings praises for "The Connected Company." Dave Gray's new book explores how the world is changing, how companies need to adapt, and how they can do so effectively. Gray examines how organizations are connecting and engaging with customers, partners, and employees. » [Full Article]

The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Patti Shank

By Rick Raymer / June 25, 2013

Supporting the eLearning industry with top-notch research, Patti Shank is helping to shape the strategic vision of training and development, which is why she's an eLearning Rock Star. » [Full Article]

The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Alicia Sanchez

By Rick Raymer / June 5, 2013

With the best rock star title in eLearning, Game Czar, Alicia Sanchez is a leading voice in bringing innovative ideas to training programs. » [Full Article]

Walk the Chalk: 'Blackboard Essentials for Teachers' by William Rice

By Brad Jones / May 23, 2013

Find out if the recently released 'Blackboard Essentials for Teachers' by William Rice is worth your time. » [Full Article]

The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Chad Udell

By Rick Raymer / May 21, 2013

Where and when do learning occur, and how do you track it? These are simple questions, with complex answers. As an eLearning Rockstar Chad Udell has tackled these problems, and is here to help in this exclusive interview with Rick Raymer for eLearn Magazine. » [Full Article]

Giving Students Real-World Experience via Virtual-Reality Learning

By Kathy Leck / May 15, 2013

The iMBA program at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM) allows students to participate in a virtual internship program within a simulated manufacturing company. iMBA lets students work in a virtual corporation with real products, customers, competitors, opportunities, and challenges. This immersion-based, virtual reality learning is considered stickier than passive sit back and observe style lectures as students are more emotionally engaged. Because academic learning and virtual internship occur simultaneously students are able to immediately apply the scholastic concepts, enabling them to more rapidly develop and practice critical business skills. » [Full Article]

A Look Back at TCC 2013

By Melissa A. Venable / May 7, 2013

The 18th Annual TCC Worldwide Online Conference featured more than 1000 participants and 200 presenters all focused on emerging technologies in education. Highlights from the 2013 event are provided along with details about how organizers fostered a supportive atmosphere and active exchange of ideas through a variety of communication tools, social media use, and a system of digital badges. » [Full Article]

The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Megan Bowe

By Rick Raymer / April 30, 2013

The path along the future of training and development can be murky. Visionaries like Megan Bowe are mapping this brave frontier. » [Full Article]

The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Clark Quinn

By Rick Raymer / April 18, 2013

Leveraging the powers of technology and science, the amazing Clark Quinn performs incredible feats in learning and performance. » [Full Article]

Open Educational Resources in the Post MOOC Era

By Gary W Matkin / April 4, 2013

It's clear that the landscape of the open education movement is changing every day. The history of MOOCs has been a fascinating tale of supply and demand. The need for open educational resources (OER) have been demanded from learners all over the world and with the immense supply of open educational resources available from schools everywhere demonstrate the importance of MOOC. In response to the ever changing OER movement, UC Irvine's Open Chemistry project leads the way in offering a full, coherent curriculum of lectures and courses—rather than individual courses. Another major milestone for MOOCs is the opportunity for learners to earn credits for certain courses—again furthering the possibilities of the OER movement by lowering the cost of higher education. » [Full Article]

Attack of the Apps: Helping facilitate online learning with mobile devices

By Naomi McGrath / March 29, 2013

Can iPad apps help facilitate online learning? Naomi McGrath, Educational Development and Communications Officer at the UNE Business School, University of New England, answers this question with a reviews of four apps. It is her hope that using by incorporating mobile apps in the classroom, instructors can improve enable communication to external students. These specific apps have either been used as a “gadget” to help provide support when teaching, assist with ease of access, or used within an LMS to collaborate information and share with other open source software available online. » [Full Article]

The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Jane Bozarth

By Rick Raymer / March 26, 2013

ELearning's Rock Stars are individuals whose passion and enthusiasm has made a positive impact on the industry. When Jane Bozarth talks, not only do people listen, but they are compelled to be a part of the conversation, which makes what Jane has to say, even more powerful. » [Full Article]

Training 2013 Conference & Expo: A Review

By Kevin Thorn / March 20, 2013

Kevin Thorn shares a detailed recap of Training 2013 Conference & Expo, which attracts training, learning and performance professionals from both the public and private sectors. In this overview, Thorn offers a detailed description of the three-day event. If you have a hard time figuring out which learning conference to attend, this recap will help. » [Full Article]

The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Neil Lasher

By Rick Raymer / March 12, 2013

ELearning's Rock Stars are individuals whose passion and enthusiasm has made a positive impact on the industry. Whether it's using new technologies, or staging an epic event, Neil Lasher is an expert at making impactful learning. » [Full Article]

Should Instructional Designers care about the Tin Can API?

By David Kelly, Kevin Thorn / March 6, 2013

The Tin Can API is an extremely hot topic in the elearning industry. But what exactly is it, and what does it mean to today's instructional designer? In this article, David Kelly and Kevin Thorn explain what the Tin Can API is, and explore just how much it may impact the world of today's instructional designer. » [Full Article]

ELearning's Rock Stars

By Rick Raymer / February 28, 2013

ELearning's Rock Stars are individuals whose passion and enthusiasm has made a positive impact on the industry. This series of 12 interviews will spread some of the knowledge behind what drives these eLearning rock stars. » [Full Article]

PowerPoint as a Graphics Editor

By Kevin Thorn / February 13, 2013

As a preview to the Training 2013 Conference & Expo, this article will serve as an introduction to Kevin Thorn's session "PowerPoint as a Graphics Editor." With a focus visual design and communication, Thorn delves into how our brains work and perceive visual signals. » [Full Article]

2013 ASTD TechKnowledge Recap

By David Kelly / February 5, 2013

If you missed this year's TechKnowledge, don't fret. Find out what you missed, as Dave Kelly recaps the ASTD conference, He also discusses the benefits of attending, including the intangibles, which will surely appeal to those new to the field of technology-based learning. » [Full Article]

Book Review: 'E-Learning Provocateur: Volume 2' by Ryan Tracey

By Laura Layton-James / January 23, 2013

Laura Layton-James reviews Ryan Tracey's latest offering of his most compelling blog post. In this curated volume Tracey share his observations, stories, and experience in the eLearning arena. » [Full Article]

7 Student Myths of the Online Classroom

By Jo Macek / January 16, 2013

Students have misconceptions of online college course. This article discusses the top seven common myths, and presents remedies for instructors to resolve these inventions. The focus is on specific resolutions of student issues before they become student problems. » [Full Article]